Thursday, 2 June 2011

Environmental Crisis

Environmental Crisis
Hear O Hear, its mother earth calling,

Informing about glaciers melting and trees falling,
About excess heat and no rain.
So many forests torn out of the earth 
and massacred, 
Let her call not be in vain!
Let’s get together and take a stand,
To prevent pollution of air, water and land,
To use her resources judiciously,
And perform our acts wisely
We must begin to appreciate,
Immediately before it gets too late.
I wish that our world,
Our life, our space, our nature
Were one unity.
We must begin today,
There is no time to delay,
Mother Earth is calling you,
Let her call not be in vain!

Picture: Courtesy Google Images
Labels: Green, mother, earth
Video: Courtesy YouTube