Saturday, 30 April 2011




Why do people in this world
Hide from their responsibility?
When they have the ability?
Each one of us has our own specialty
So why don't we show our vitality?

 Why do we wait for someone to
 come and take the work on his head?
Are you afraid of being wrong?
Or just afraid of the consequences?

Everybody, please try and ask these questions
to yourself with some integrity
Just forget everything else
And with a proud voice say
Even if I am alone

Do it with some energy
Because this describes your personality

And then see the result of
Your responsibility......


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  1. well, i personally feel its bcoz of their afraid of being wrong....

    BTW at this age you are here with so much sense of responsibly, i appreciate it really....:))

    and i am genuinely happy to be here and following you now...:D

    Best Wishes,

  2. Don't spend your precious time asking "Why isn't the world a better place?" It will only be time wasted. The question to ask is "How can I make it better?" To that there is an answer.
    And this is what I always want you to follow..Congratulations..I am happy that you have found your own way to express..this is yours,be yourself,and you know,I am always there.

  3. all of us take responsibility, firstly it starts with the family, our job, and many more. Its what you give and what you get in return.

  4. @Tech maker thank u!!
    @jahnavi99 thanks a lot!!
    @irfan thank u!!
    @Mom Thank u and <3 u lots!!
    @Nava.K thanks..

  5. You just described a good day at work for me, i take responsibility, i show vitality, i have the ability and i show integrety ;) i do of course not always have a good day at work!

  6. Did someone say responsibility? It wasn't me!


  7. I will Alpana and thanks...:) xoxo

  8. I take Alejandros responsibility always...XOXOXOX

  9. the idea of taking responsibility is not a new concept at all but to hear it voiced by someone this young and with so much conviction that is very refreshing and hopeful. You seem to have a very bright mind that understands the value of having personal ethics. Well done You will be heard from many more times in your life.

  10. i'm very glad of the keywords you've made bold aishani...:)

    ability to respond, that's responsibility...

    as you enter pubescence, i know you've found your voice and vitality :)... keep the fervor up...

    audacious, that's what you are :)congratulations ;)

  11. HI Aishani! First I loved your name, and your poem and expression is awesome, just perfect, what more I can add, when you have expressed it fully!

    Great to see you expressing. Couple of weeks back I told Aplana, I wish to have something from your daughter (sorry I didn't know your name.). It will be great to read her.

    And this is a pleasant surprise for me!!!

    My best wishes with you always......keep it up, we have lots of expectations from you. :)

    Loved to read this.

  12. I totally support Mohinee's comment.. what a lovely name you are having.. :)

    your mom told us that you are only 12 years old, considering that- writing on 'responsibility' as a topic is a brave attempt..

    happy to see you having your own way of expressing things..

    It was pretty delightful for me.. a strong post to start with, I must say..

    best wishes.. :)

  13. @baldychaz thank u!
    @alejandro guzman thank u for commenting!!
    @Jorie thank u!!
    @Bongo Thanks for commenting...
    @JP Brandano Photography thank u!!!
    @melissa thank u!!
    @Mohini thank u!! mom had told me that u all were waiting for me to write something...
    @Monu Awalla Thank u!!

  14. hey nice one dear....just like your mom...u r grt poetess too...happy to see you here too..

    keep writing...

  15. dear aishani, i see a second Alpana in you. powerful, brave and confident. you are the pride of a mother. dance in the music of life. my blessings are always with a responsible girl who is in search of her own identity. wish you all the pleasures of life.

  16. Hey AISHANI, people are lazy in general. That is why they shy away from responsibility. It is a lot easier to let someone do what you are responsible for than it is to take care of it yourself. This makes it harder for the responsible people to keep their work ethic and morals intact. Good post. I am proud of you!

  17. @Hema Nimbekar Thank u!! :)
    @Sancheeta didi thank u!!
    @Ricky Thanks...

  18. Fantastic post Aishani...enjoyed it very much. Keep at it, and God bless!!

  19. Aishani! in one word "superb" .. u r goin to b a great writer in d makin! a first move is very important watvr u do in ur life and i am overwhlmd to see u to tak that move at 12 years ..dats d spirit beta! dats d passion!! I really pray to God frm my core of heart dat u will rule d world in comin years and trust me dat wl happen! Make ur mom proud ! God bless u ! keep doin d great work ! u r blessd wid great potential ignite it and rule d world princess!! cheers!! All d best!! u did a stupendous job!

  20. all but lost trait in our society. Great poem! If everyone took more responsibility, from the house wife to the politician, the world would be a more peaceful, secure and happy place!

  21. this is great. you r going to make a great writer. Well done. I look forward to reading your next blog.

  22. @Royal Nirupam thanks... :)
    @Swati aunty thank u!!!!
    @Arunbha bhaiya thanks a lot again!
    @Jessica M thank u...
    @Jenny Thank u!!

  23. Hi Aishani,

    You are sweet , and I really like your take on life's most viable aspect responsibility , that the main driving force for any to do or not to ..

    Good job , you looks to me a promising future writer in the making.

    Keep it up :)

  24. @Vivek thank u!!

  25. hum logon ka bhi post karde ............ lolzzzz ..... its anyway nice aishani

  26. Resolve today to stop blaming anyone else for anything and instead accept complete responsibility in every area of your life. This philosophy is something that helped me change my life

  27. ASHISH JAISWAL1 May 2011 at 06:54

    Can't believe it .......... My little girl is writing such eloquent word's.......and it rhymes too.......
    Hmmmmmm responsibility.............vitality........
    Didn't even begin to understand these words when i was your age sweet....
    Keep writing sweeeeeet I'm proud of you.


  28. what a nice poem......And yes mohini agree with you what a lovely name "AISHANI" Loved it.....And Alpana dee how old your daughter?????

  29. Much ahead of your age my dear Aishani - you are real good. Have loads of fun now and this gives me a sense that when you have to face responsibility you will do it as easily as you do anything else. Bravo!!!

  30. Oh to be so wise at your age...
    your mother is so proud of you...
    Your writing is so expressive for such a young age.